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Business cards are a common element of networking, whether with fellow professionals and business associates or prospective customers and clients. However, some professionals have settled for bland business cards that simply provide a means for further contact with them. It’s true that this is the purpose of business cards, but one must not fail to overlook the purpose in custom business card printing design.

Adding the Spice

Custom Business card printing projects that are customized to match specific requirements of a professional, company, or organization are a means for ensuring that prospective customers or clients not only have a means for further contact, but it helps convince them that they want to reach out to engage in an offer in the first place. Business cards make a formal presentation when one is not there, and therefore it is important to include elements that speak highly of what one has to offer. The following are three ways one can add spice to any custom business card, so that it can make the best second impression possible.

• Give it dual use – Prospects may be more likely to refer to your card again if they find that it doubles as a handy pocket calendar or something else they find useful.

• Include a map – Even in the age of GPS, many are appreciative of the traditional means of viewing the location of a company on a map, particularly if they already have some knowledge of an area and just need a quick reference to guide them on their way.

• Include a special offer – Business cards that are laced with special discounts or promotional offers have a higher rate of being referred to for further use than those that simply hold plain contact information. Investing the time and effort to include a deal worthwhile for prospects can go a long way.

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