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(Business Card Printing News) — Custom business cards are timeless, effective means of self-promotion that helps further networking initiatives for busy professionals seeking to build relationships with prospective customers or clients as well as business associates. However, custom business cards can also be personalized for a target audience to help them feel that they are receiving something relevant to their needs as opposed to being handed a promotional item. The following are three ways professionals can personalize their business cards to suit the needs of prospects.

• Make messages speak – The wording of messages placed on custom business cards can go a long way in making one’s content appear relevant to those with whom one has shared their custom business cards. For example, if one is seeking to promote a dessert catering company, asking a question such as “are you in the mood for a sweet treat” may resonate in the minds of consumers in such as way that they feel the need to provide a response. One should phrase their message in a manner that gets prospects to think and respond immediately.

• Call prospects by name – This may not be an easy task, particularly in cases where one’s business card printing project involves creating materials to be distributed to a broad audience base; however, implementing wording such as “you” and “your” into general phrases can give custom business cards a more personalized touch to make prospects feel that they are being shown individual attention.

• Add something extra – Adding additional features such as a calendar or map on custom business cards can also be helpful for not only ensuring that one will take more than a quick glance at one’s card, but will be appreciative for the helpful feature and more inclined to remember to reference the card in the event they are in need of the type of offer presented.

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