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Bluejean Publishing is proud to announce the release of their “How to” and “The Easy Guide” eBooks.

These eBooks are available in both the Amazon Kindle eBook format as well as the Barnes & Noble Nook format. These are easy to understand eBooks as well as helpful eBooks. The can also be found in the Apple iBookstore.

“These eBooks are by our stable of professional writers and bring years of experience and knowledge to their eBooks” states William Wyclift, Founder and CEO of Bluejean Publishing. “We have discovered that today’s readers want answers to their questions and want a delivery system that is quick and easy” Mr. Wyclift also states. “Our eBooks sales have taken off because we have met these needs.”

Some of their best sellers which are published by Bluejean Publishing are currently listed in the Amazon Kindle store are:

How to Sell, 10 Keys to Success

Sports Photography 101: How to become a Great Sports Photographer!

Auto Detailing 101: Easy Tips and Tricks You Can Do Today!

Getting Back Your Ex: The Ten Steps You Need to Take!

World of Warcraft – 21 Things You Should Know

Easy Guide to Vitamin Supplements Pros and Cons

Bluejean Publishing brings a fresh, common sense approach to eBooks for today’s eReaders. All of their titles are easy to read and easy to understand for today’s fast world.

Their full list of eBook titles can be found at www.RecommendedReadingLists.com as well as on the Amazon Kindle store, the Barnes & Noble PubIt eBookstore as well as the Apple iTunes store.

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