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As part of their ongoing efforts to educate the public, Annuity Transfers, Ltd. has recently posted a short, concise history of the structured settlement industry.

Readers of the post will learn that a federal law was passed in 2002 allowing owners of structured settlement payments to sell their payments regardless of whether the annuity policy or settlement language was originally written in such a way as to prohibit a future sale. As a result, all transfers must now be approved by a state court, pursuant to the respective state law, prior to funding the transfer or sale of the annuity.

The post goes on to reveal 47 states since have passed their own structured settlement transfer laws and while these laws can vary slightly from state to state, all require that the judge rule a sale is in the best interest of the seller taking into account the welfare and support of any dependents.

Read the entire post on the history of structured settlements at (http://www.annuitytransfers.com/2011/10/14/history-of-the-structured-settlement-industry/) and learn more about how the transfer of structured settlement payments work by reading all the posts on the Annuity Transfers Blog.

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Annuity Transfers, established in 2003, purchases structured settlement annuity payments by combining the highest court approval rate in the industry and utilizing its own capital to close 100% of transactions within three days of court approval.

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