08/08/2012 (press release: davidjlowe) // Austin, Texas, USA // David Lowe

Ping-pong (or table tennis) is on the verge of its first breakthrough since 1988, when ping-pong was officially deemed an Olympic Sport. Despite being the second most played sport in the world, the image of players wearing headbands, tight white shorts and using boring red and black paddles doesn’t exactly get the heart racing. Uberpong is stepping in to change the game by personalizing and customizing the heart of the game: the ping-pong paddle.

Uberpong aims to enhance the game of ping-pong by combining great art and design with quality ping-pong paddles. Graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world have contributed their custom designs in the first rollout of Uberpong paddles. Soon, pong-lovers will be able to customize paddles with images and designs of their own. And better yet, the Uberpong printing process doesn’t impact the integrity of the paddle or the game.

“Andre Agassi changed the way tennis was perceived when he wore crazy outfits on his way to winning Grand Slam tournaments,” says founder David Lowe. “We want to do a similar thing with ping-pong. The Uberpong ping-pong paddle designs are an extension of your personality. We want you to play with style.”

Uberpong is new business, currently being funded through Kickstarter contributions. To learn more about this project, donate and be one of the first to experience the Uberpong paddle, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Uberpong

Uberpong (www.weheartpong.com) is a Kickstarter project with the goal of raising $10,000 to revolutionize the game of ping-pong. By mixing the sport of ping-pong with art and design, Uberpong hopes to individualize and personalize the sport.

Uberpong Media Relations:

David Lowe

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