08/08/2012 (press release: BrianCarter)

The HIPAA Certification Council has recently announced HIPAA Certification for VIA3 from the VIA3 Corporation. This certification is based on technology testing and assessment done on VIA3 secure communications, conferencing, Instant Messaging, and Workspaces. VIA3 uses a combination of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for 100% of all data, including audio and video. Prior to being HIPAA Certified, the VIA3 cryptographic module was certified to meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2, a government standard for cryptographic module security requirements as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

This commitment to privacy protects your medical files and communications at every possible point, whether your information is in motion or at rest in a Workspace. With VIA3, you control who can contact you or see you online. You determine the level of access each person has to your sensitive files, workspaces and online meetings. Additional information on VIA3 security will be available from both the VIA3 Corporation at www.VIA3.com or the HIPAA Certification Council at www.HIPAACC.org.

As a result of this certification award, VIA3 can immediately begin displaying the HIPAA Certification Council Gold Seal of Certification on their website and corporate communications.

If you have a product, service, or technology which is in use in Medical / Healthcare and want to have it certified, visit www.HIPAACC.org today or

email Certification @ HIPAACC.org.

If you have a passion for protecting patient data and are interested in joining the HIPAA Certification Council, please submit your information

for consideration to INFO @ HIPAACC.org. Two council seats are available starting in January 2013, and will be filled by December 2012.

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