/EINPresswire.com/ On December 14th, 2012, Spirit Lockets LLC went “live” and began its meteoric rise in the cyber-stratosphere.

“Within less than two weeks we’ve had nearly 300 Spirit Lockets Affiliates enroll throughout the US and Canada. It’s very exciting – they’re hitting the ground running, marketing our gorgeous on-trend products and earning fantastic commission!” Spirit Lockets co-founder, Ken Knibbs

Spirit Lockets LLC was inspired by co-founder, Tammy Knibbs’, love for cheering for their athletic daughter and showing off her “mom pride”. With many friends who also proudly donned anything they could find with their precious athlete’s team number and school colors, Tammy felt there was definitely a market for ladies who would love to customize gorgeous and fun sports themed jewelry and show off their spirit.

“I literally had a close girlfriend next to me in the bleachers one day whipping up sparkly earrings for us moms to wear with our maroon team shirts as we cheered like crazy for our daughters on the volleyball court. It just made me think my girlfriends would love to sport their child’s number in a fun, chic way. Ken and I are also huge college football fans, and we knew this idea was by no means limited to team moms. Spirit Lockets is for all of us ladies who love to show off team passion as well!” Spirit Lockets co-founder, Tammy Knibbs

The Spirit Lockets Affiliate Program is free to join and Spirit Lockets Affiliates earn up to 40% commission by promoting the sales of customizable Spirit Lockets with pride slides, floating charms and dangle charms.

The Spirit Lockets Affiliate Program requires no monthly website hosting fees for the use of the Spirit Lockets Affiliate Link. There is no Business Starter Kit for affiliates to purchase, and no inventory for them to manage.

Spirit lockets also offers a Business Wholesale Option for those affiliates interested in selling Spirit Lockets products in a retail locations, at vendor events or in a home party setting.

We’ve got Spirit, yes we do…with earning potential to share with you!

Spirit Lockets is an on-line retailer that distributes customizable lockets, pride slides, floating charms, dangle charms and bracelets throughout the US, Canada and Australia.

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