02/28/2013 (press release: bayers12) // Washington, DC, USA // Vance Prillaman

For the first time in 15 years, the makers of an all natural liquid aphrodisiac that helps men and women improve their sexual health has sold out. This is because two of the eight herbs in their formula have been affected by drought in Africa and flooding in the US which has delayed production.

“We have clients who have placed reserve orders for bottles weeks in advance”, says Brian Ayers, Client Services Manager at African Fly (www.africanfly.com). “We have to wait for supply to catch back up with demand.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change can make it more difficult to grow crops in the same ways and places as in the past. This may not hurt global food crops like corn or rice but the impact on herbs is different.

There are 15,857 medicinal herbal plants that are under a slow threat of extinction. Responsible management of these plants has increased their growth rate over recent years. That still does not stop a drought or flood from taking those herbs out quickly.

“The loss of medicinal plant diversity is a quiet disaster,” says Sara Oldfield, Secretary General of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

“We are extremely picky about where we get our herbs from”, says Ed Bagley, President of African Fly. “This isn’t a pack of sex pills you pick up at the gas station while buying greasy chips. We are serious about our clients love making. It is that happy part of life that saves marriages.”

While politicians argue over climate change, African Fly is fighting to keep its formula off the endangered list for their clients. It is either that or a pack of sex pills at the gas station. Now that’s scary.

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