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Are you ready to take your life to the next level, and find success no matter what? Sasha Tenodi believes that you have the ability to do just that no matter the market conditions or the failures that we have gone through in life. In his powerful new book entitled ‘Be Your Better Self’, Sasha discusses how to change your mental state in order to find the success that everyone deserves by teaching practical methods to surpass the high expectations of others and the limits we set on ourselves.

After working as a garbageman and running two failing businesses, he decided that it was time to be a success. He decided to take control of his life to prove himself and others. Sasha made a leap of faith by leaving his hometown. This did not come without difficult life struggles, such as narrowly avoiding debt and having very little money. Even after facing these difficulties, he overcame and found himself with more money and success than ever before.

Be Your Better Self helps readers learn not only through Sasha’s experiences of running his own businesses, but also through active learning by practicing the book’s outlined theories. This helps readers grasp the concepts faster and on a much deeper level than traditional books that only outline concepts. Those who completing the book, will have already done the work necessary to begin changing their mindset to improve their life and the lives of others.

Already having an education background, Sasha plans to teach his secrets to success to others by lecturing in a traditional classroom setting. His writing builds and expands on the concepts discussed in motivational books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and are informative and practical as Brian Tracy’s books. He writes to share his knowledge to help others by offering a more hands-on approach to learning the basics and complexities behind life design.

Sasha Tenodi wants you to gain life fulfillment and success. His book discusses how to get you there. It won’t be easy, but it’s nice to have someone to help you out isn’t it? Take control of your life now! Become Your Better Self Today!

Note to Publicists:

Sasha would like help determining how best to market his motivational book, and is seeking people who share his belief in order for us all to share success. If you would like to help him on his project you can contact Sasha at http://projectbybs.com and [email protected] .

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