06/23/2013 (press release: embracivemusic) // Sunderland, GB // Danny Kitching

Embracive Radio, a brand new concept in internet radio, will be launching from June 12th. Although based in Sunderland as part of Embracive Music, Embracive Radio is available anywhere that the internet can be accessed. The internet has transformed the way radio works, and offers great opportunities for new artists and DJs.

DJs are always looking for new markets to be heard, and to promote music that they are passionate about. Embracive Radio is just the kind of radio station that makes this possible. With an internet market that is expanding, and offering streaming music across the world, this is a rare opportunity to not only promote the music that you are passionate about, but also promote your own unique talents. If you are a DJ that is looking for a new market, which is expanding and offers you the freedom to promote your work and your passions, Embracive Radio may be just what you are looking for.

Embracive Radio is not limited to any specific genre, but intends to be an avenue to welcome new artists from any music format, as long as they want the opportunity to have their music heard by an audience of potentially millions of listeners. Streaming audio provides opportunities that would be unavailable for most artists, despite their talent, because of the closed nature of the traditional radio stations. If you are a new artist, or a new band, hoping to have your new music heard by a wide audience, this may be the opportunity you are seeking. Music is a deeply personal art form, and having their music heard by a wide audience is the dream of all artists.

Check out Embracive Radio online at www.embracivemusic.com. There, you will find more specific information about Embracive Radio, as well as advertising opportunities and ways to promote your own music with Embracive. The website will give you an idea of how Embracive Radio works and should provide answers to your questions.

If you are interested in promoting yourself as a DJ or as an artist, contact us and let us know that you’re interested in Embracive Radio. We can be reached at [email protected], or on Twitter at djdannyd2009. Help get the word out by likening us on Facebook via facebook.com/embracivemusic. Watch Embracive Music on YouTube.

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