06/11/2014 (press release: IAmAFearlessPoet) // Alexandria, LA, USA // Ashley Love

Alexandria, LA – Author and Publisher Ashley Love just released Fearless Poets Against Bullying: Creating awareness and taking a stand with our words. This is a first in a series of poetry collections that tackle issues such as domestic violence, bullying and autism. It is available on Amazon in both print and ebook format.

Ashley Love said “This book will bring tears to your eyes as well as give you a sense of hope that bullying can be overcome. The poets that share their messages on the pages of this book fearlessly give you their take on bullying from deep within their hearts and souls. They speak up with transparency on an issue that gets bypassed a lot of the time as “kids being kids”, but the reality is it is not just happening to kids. It is happening to people of all ages, including the elderly. It does not exclude people by gender, sexual orientation, age, skin color, etc. It affects people in countries and communities around the world. Thanks to the fearless poets in this book for having the courage to make their voices heard for those who may not feel they have a voice or that they are unheard”.

Fearless Poets is a group of authors and poets that are taking a stand against issues that plague our society and affect communities everywhere. The poems in this collection come from poets as far away as Nigeria and as close as Alexandria, LA. The voices that tell these stories are as young as eight and as old as sixty. Bullying knows no bounds.

Poet and author Ashley Humphrey commented, “There are so many great writers in this book writing and working to make a difference. They are standing up and speaking out against bullying with their words. This book is totally amazing!”

Ashley Love has created a website that offers support and resources to help anyone that is suffering from the effects of bullying. You can find help at www.FearlessPoets.org. Ms. Love also is available for speaking engagements on this subject. She can be contacted via her website. Just remember that you are not alone and the poems in this book will help you realize that.

Contact: Ashley Love, 1-318-880-8215, [email protected]

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