01/07/2015 (press release: get4it) // Fargo, ND, USA // James Deboe


The ecommerce landscape is growing larger and becoming more competitive than ever. With multiple generations embracing the ability to shop online, it is critical that retailers make the best pricing decisions for their inventory. That’s why get4it.com/”>get4it®, a pricing intelligence platform that empowers retail merchants to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately increase sales, announced last week that it had launched its long awaited Product Repricing Platform. The initial launch connected Amazon and eBay store owners with a product repricing platform that utilizes pricing intelligence, with additional marketplace connectors planned for 2015.

At get4it® we are committed to helping online retailers price their inventory right, and sell more; with a simple, easy to use tool. James Deboe, CEO of get4it says, “because we use a simple green, orange, and red view, a retailer can quickly see the landscape of where their inventory stands on the connected marketplaces”.

get4it® connects directly to your store or stores, imports your entire inventory, and computes the optimal selling price as compared with your competition for each of your products. Our pricing algorithm takes into account more than just price, using seller feedback rating and other factors to ensure you’re making the right pricing decisions. get4it® calculates hundreds of statistics for every product you sell to determine your overall merchant health. We understand that you’re a merchant not a statistician or data analyst, that’s why we developed get4it®. We simplify the complicated for you by ranking every product you sell with one of three color coded statuses. You’ll know at a glance which products to focus on and what action to take to increase your competitiveness and ultimately sell more.


About get4it®


get4it® is a pricing intelligence platform that empowers retail merchants to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately increase sales through simple tools that execute intelligent pricing strategies. At get4it® we have a single mission, to empower retail merchants to be ever more competitive through the use of intelligent tools made simple. Our proprietary pricing intelligence platform allows for unrivaled visibility into your competitiveness on eBay, Amazon and soon across multiple marketplaces and platforms.

For more information about Product Repricing and Intelligence, visit us at https://www.get4it.com/ or follow us on Twitter @get4it. Try us today, with a 14 day free trial. Look for more updates to come!

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