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Los Angeles, CA — Three in 10 teen girls in the United States get pregnant at least one time before they turn twenty. Although teen birth rates have dropped since 2012, teen pregnancy is still concerning to every parent of an adolescent. Kids In The House interviewed experts and teen moms themselves to share the best advice for how to prevent teenage pregnancy and what to do if it happens.

“Our country is leading in teen pregnancy, STDs, and abortion,” says psychologist, Sheila Kamen, PhD.

Kamen explains that teens in the United States are also having sex at younger ages with more partners, and they are not practicing protected sex.

“A lot of [teens] become parents because they don’t have enough information,” says Aaliyah Noble, who gave birth to her son when she was a teenager.

Noble explains that regardless of your family values, keeping the lines of communication open is essential in ensuring your teenager makes informed decisions.

With television shows such as Teen Mom and various spinoffs such as 16 and Pregnant, adolescents are exposed to the world of teenage pregnancy more and at a younger age than ever before. The newest installment of the series, Teen Mom: OGs, features the original cast of Teen Mom and updates audience members on what their lives are like now.

The term “OG” or “Original Gangsters” is used to describe the teen moms as having a certain cool-factor. With many of the cast members now considered celebrities, many people question whether or not these reality shows glamorize teen pregnancy and send the message that having a child at a young age can lead to fame and fortune.

“TV shows that glamorize teenage pregnancy should take the time to step back and focus on the issues that [teens] face: not being able to go to the prom, not being able to hang out with their friends, and not being able to have enough money to take care of the needs of their child,” says Noble.

According to UCLA Neuropsychiatrist, Daniel Siegel, MD, the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to actually accept that sexuality is a fundamental part of adolescence.

“Talk openly with your child about what sexuality means,” says Siegel. He explains that this includes talking about the hormonal and physical changes your teen is facing during puberty.

These experts share that if and when parents discover their child is sexually active , it may be difficult to process. While the first inclination may be to feel angry, relationship expert, Wendy Walsh, PhD, says that this is the time parents need to communicate the most with their teen.

“The most important thing to happen is to find out if they have enough knowledge to keep themselves safe,” says Dr. Walsh. “Without being judgmental, you want to make sure they’re armed with all the adult information they need.”

Dr. Walsh explains that this includes informing your child about practicing safe sex, preventing STDs, and understanding the many emotional and physical complications sex may bring. Having this conversation will build trust with your teenager and is the first step towards promoting better decisions and preventing teen pregnancy.

If parents do have to face the situation of their teen being pregnant, experts say communication, again, plays a vital role.

” Adult parents and teen parents differ , and they need different information,” says Noble.

Experts also explain that since teenagers are not fully matured adults, they will need help navigating difficult decisions such as circumcision and immunization. Noble also says that they may need to address things like insecurities of breastfeeding in public or improving their personal nutrition for the benefit of their baby.

By communicating with teens at all stages of their development, experts say parents can ensure that their child is well informed and gets the help he or she needs at any stage before, during, or after pregnancy.

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