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04/22/2015 // href=’http://kellergrover.com’ rel=’nofollow’>Keller Grover LLP // (press release)

San Francisco, CA— A lawsuit filed by a former female software engineer at Twitter has accused the social media network of gender bias when it comes to promotions within the company. The lawsuit was filed in the California Superior Court on March 19, 2015 and is seeking class-action status, reports San Francisco employment lawyer Eric Grover of the Keller Grover law firm.

The lawsuit charges Twitter with discriminatory promotion policies that has eliminated the possibility of equal job opportunities for qualified women within the company.

“About 30% of Twitter’s overall global workers are women. In technical jobs, that number drops to 10%. This is over a third less than the already dismal average percentage of women in technical positions in the broader Silicon Valley tech industry,” the lawsuit stated. “The lack of gender diversity is equally apparent at the top. About 79% of Twitter’s leadership team is male, which is again worse than the tech industry’s average rates. It was not until December, 2013 (and public criticism around the time of its initial public offering) that Twitter named a woman to its board of directors; she remains the only female director.”

The plaintiff, Tina Huang, claims that Twitter has secret management committees that make promotion decisions without posting job openings or conducting reviews. Huang began working for Twitter in 2009 at their San Francisco headquarters as a software engineer, Mashable.com reported.