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In Lorenzo Buford’s “Raped by Memories,” from the “Eye of the Machine” series, Michael is spirited away from a failed suicide attempt to a purgatory dimension where he headlines as a cabaret artist remembering his stories and myths to awaken a primordial being within that is determined to stop the return of an ancient adversary.

“The Eye of the Machine” series chronicles a gay black man’s journey through light and darkness where he experiences shamanism, gender shifting, multi-dimensional lives, vampires, demons and angels.

This biographical-inspired series was influenced by the author’s ‘dark night of the soul’ which lasted ten years and has given him an opportunity to mine the subconscious, dream states, and paranormal activities.

“My writings are about letting the Unknown be known; giving voice to shadows and learning about the mythical stories that play out in our daily life. Breathing is like writing. I need to write.”

The first three books of the series: “A Whore of the Heaven,” “Fall from the Mind” and “Raped by Memories” are now available on Amazon.com as print books and as e-books.

To find more information: www.lorenzobuford.com about the author and his work.

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