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Recent trends in Christian fiction are shifting towards making use of darker concepts to explore how faith and spirituality are interwoven with the lives of characters in the worst of times. Linked to this trend is another grounding message of how to access the depths of one’s own faith in times of trouble in narratives that readers can relate to. Dystopian plotlines, historical fiction, and other genres are fertile ground for Christian authors to subtly integrate Christian symbolism and subtext.  
Christian author Charles de Andrade, creator of the Steward Series, published by Tate Publishing, is one such author. This book series was inspired by Ephesians 6:12 in which the spiritual war waging all around us is revealed. De Andrade’s series is a historical fiction piece based on the Vietnam conflict and anchored by actual events. His two central characters in the first two books, American soldier Glenn Hitch and Nguyen Huu Minh, a South Vietnamese man roped into the conflict through his father’s business ventures, are given insight into the spiritual forces at work unseen by most of the world, that are guiding and influencing the conflict and everyone involved.
Today’s popular Christian fiction seeks to address actual fears and anxieties that readers face in their day-to-day lives. Exploring the depths of these fears without compromising ethical guidelines unique to Christian publishing standards allows these readers to go where they want to go – into these dark places to find what is lurking in their fears.
De Andrade’s series seeks to do just that. While inspired by that specific passage, de Andrade’s book delves even deeper into exploring what happened to incite this battle between the spiritual forces of good and evil lurking beneath every conflict – be it a foreign entanglement, a conflict of interest, or internal conflicts of the self. De Andrade attended a seminary class in the 1980s where studying the attributes of God prompted him to take a deep look at the role of man on this planet as the steward of the Garden of Eden. This resulted in the naming of his book series, and through his writing de Andrade has interwoven his insights into historical fiction. His conclusion: although the conditions under which humanity must steward the planet have changed, the role remains the same. Over the course of five books, his characters embody the realities of this role amidst both the seen and unseen wars.
Books one and two of the Steward Series – entitled Chosen and Intervention, respectively – are now available at, and can also be found online at and, as well as in brick and mortar bookstores. Tate Publishing is set to release books three through five – Damaged Goods, Homecoming, and Exclamation, respectively – over the course of the next few years.
To learn more about contemporary Christian fiction, and the Steward Series, visit de Andrade’s website

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