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Heroes for Children – a unique nonprofit that provides financial and social assistance to families with a child battling cancer – is pleased to announce the addition of Julie Malin to the South Texas development team, which aims to provide assistance to families in the southern region of the state, serving families in Austin, Corpus Christi, Houston and San Antonio.

“At Heroes for Children, we believe that no family with a child battling cancer should fight alone,” says Larissa Linton, cofounder and executive director of Heroes for Children. “The addition of Julie Malin to our South Texas development team will allow us to expand our vision and better serve the families of the southern part of Texas. The role of South Texas Area Director is essential to achieving this endeavor, and we are confident that Julie will help us accomplish our vision while growing and expanding our footprint in Texas.”

With more than 17 years of service in the nonprofit sector, Julie has served organizations in the Houston area and beyond, including Jewish National Fund, Jewish Community Center of Houston and David Posnack Jewish Community Center.

“As a child, I spent a lot of time in the hospital,” Julie says. “Now, as an adult, it is an honor to join Heroes for Children as they take care of the little things that we often take for granted like buying groceries, paying utility bills or enjoying a meal with your family. For families with children battling cancer, these little things quickly become challenges – as they focus their attention and energy on caring for their child. I look forward to helping Heroes for Children serve the South Texas region to make their lives a little brighter.”

Heroes for Children provides financial and social assistance to families from across the state of Texas who are battling childhood cancer. Financial services include paying rent and mortgages, transportation costs to and from treatment, costs of hospital visits and, in some cases, funeral expenses. In addition, laptops are purchased for older children and teens to keep them entertained and in contact with the outside world during isolation periods.

Heroes for Children’s social assistance programs help provide moments of normalcy and a break for the entire family – programs like the Valentine’s Day candlelight dinner, which offers parents a special date night while their children are cared for by trained childcare professionals. Additionally, Holiday Heroes ensures the holiday wishes of families battling childhood cancer are fulfilled. Families selected by social workers at each of the major hospitals across the state that partner with Heroes for Children are adopted by community members, organization supporters and businesses – who shop, wrap and donate gifts for the entire family.

Since its inception, Heroes for Children has provided more than 4,500 families with over $5.5 million dollars in assistance. Funding for the organization stems from generous donors, community partnerships and participants of the annual fundraising events including:

·       Heroes and Handbags – luxury handbag auction and luncheon, hosted each spring in Dallas and Houston

·       Golf tournament every spring or summer in Dallas and Houston

·       Heart of Gold 5K and Fun Run held in the Dallas area each September in honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

·       Hold’em for Heroes poker tournament played each fall in Austin, Dallas and Houston


About Heroes for Children

Heroes for Children is a unique nonprofit organization that provides financial and social assistance to families with a child battling cancer. Since 2005, Heroes for Children has helped alleviate families’ worries, giving them comfort and a brief respite from the everyday challenges of fighting cancer and care giving. Since its inception, more than $5.5 million has been given to 4,500 families in need. To learn more about Heroes for Children, please visit http://www.heroesforchildren.org.




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