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Genomix Nutrition Launches 55 Gene Nutrigenomic Testing Platform
Genomix Nutrition, Inc. Launches a 55 Gene Nutrigenomic Testing Platform, allowing patients more insight into their individual DNA and giving healthcare providers the opportunity to support their patient’s nutrition based on their individual DNA. This testing will provide the patient an analysis of their genetic weaknesses and what nutritional ingredients they will need for optimal health.
As every person differs from one another genetically, so should their nutritional programs and therapies. 
Since it’s launch in April 2016, Genomix Nutrition, Inc, has provided patients and healthcare providers with nutrigenomic testing of 5 key areas within 26 prominent genes. Within the last 8 months, the nutrigenomic testing company has certified 200 providers across the United States and has tested thousands of patients, offering answers to health issues through individualized genetic data. In identifying genetic variations and weaknesses, patients and providers can help support patient weakness and health problems through nutritional support.  
Genomix Nutrition’s 26 Gene Nutrigenomic Testing Platform
Although Genomix Nutrition is launching a 55 gene nutrigenomic testing platform, the original 26 gene nutrigenomic testing platform will still be available. 
Dr. Kendal Stewart, MD, is the Chief Science Office for Genomix Nutrition. When beginning his journey in creating Genomix Nutrition’s nutrigenomic test, he prioritized the genes that would reveal the most about a person’s metabolic pathways, including how their cells absorb and metabolize nutrients, detox, and generally function. With a simple cheek swab, researchers can test and analyze single nucleotide polymorphisms (also knows as SNPs) through a scientific algorithm and look for sequences of nucleotides that reveal genetic polymorphisms (SNPs) or natural variations in a patient’s DNA. Genetic weaknesses can greatly impact the cellular processes of the body and negatively impact an individual’s nutritional delivery. Once genetic deficiencies are identified, an easy-to-read nutrigenomic report shares the patient’s genetic SNPs in 5 key metabolic areas and offers recommendations on how to support these deficiencies with nutritional recommendations. 
The Advanced Panel: 55 Gene Nutrigenomic Testing Platform
With the launch of the 55 Gene Nutrigenomic Testing Platform, patients and providers will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of an individual’s genetic makeup and how that impacts their overall health and wellbeing. The 6 key areas that the test evaluates are 1) Methylation 2) Neurotransmitters 3) Mitochondria 4) Detoxification and 5) Inflammatory and 6) Health Precautions. In testing an additional 29 genes, healthcare providers are able to gain a complete understanding of a patient’s complex biochemical pathways and determine where genetic weakness occurs in said pathways. The new advanced panel also offers a new report section, health precautions, which warns patients of potentially harmful vitamin supplements or therapies that could further harm their health and wellbeing. There are also advanced algorithms for nutrition, lab recommendation, and health precautions per SNP result. 
It is recommended that a patient’s testing platform should reflect the severity of their health condition or family history. Patients that want insight into a streamlined nutritional regimen for optimal health are ideal for the 26 gene nutrigenomic testing platform while patients with severe or complex health conditions (or family histories) should obtain the 55 gene nutrigenomic testing platform. 
The Impact a 55 Gene Test Can Have for a Patient or Provider
Unfortunately, even with the help of their physician, some severely ill patients are unable to discover what is hindering their health. With the 55 Gene nutrigenomic test, both patients and providers can better understand what cellular processes are and/or are not occurring within the patient and move forward with recommendations confidently and accordingly. Genomix Nutrition’s goal is providing more data to providers and patients through a robust test that can better quality of life through nutrition.

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