2022 ‘Mates’ themed cruise provides Cayman to deliberate itinerary

2022 'Friends' themed cruise adds Cayman to planned itinerary

Although Cayman’s borders are closed to cruise travel, some cruise companies are still making bookings for the 2022 season with the hope that the local sea port will be opened by then.

One of the latest cruises to look at Grand Cayman and ask “how YOU doin’?” is Celebrity Equinox’s Friends-themed tour, which is aiming to have its passengers make a pit stop here, according to its agency Cruise With Friends.

Friends, a cult US 90’s sitcom, has become a talking point again, following its recently released reunion special with the full cast. The themed cruise is seeking to give fans of the show a double-helping of fun by mixing a Caribbean feel with the show’s successful elements.

The popular US sitcom Friends is making the rounds.

According to Cruise Critic blog, the themed cruise will take place May 15 to May 21, 2022, on Celebrity Equinox.

“The cruise ship will leave from Fort Lauderdale, with scheduled ports of Key West, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

Like many themed cruises,…