“2023 Yiwugo.com Most Excellent Female Bosses” Event Held Successfully – Press Release


YIWU, China, April 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. As spring unfolds late and all things on earth burst forth with new life and vibrancy, Yiwugo.com held its annual “Most Excellent Female Bosses” Party at Xingfu Lake on the afternoon of April 20, 2023. Witnessed by media friends and representatives from various industries, Fu Jiangyan of Zhang Weichao Socks Firm, Huang Lingling of Ling’ou Carpets, Wang Liting of Dongyang Qiansi Crafts, Zhao Haijuan of Zhuji Kailian Knitting, Hu Bin of Meichen Cups, Wang Xiaohong of Aishang Home, Wang Xiaoqing of Yiwu Duo Can Baking Cake Cup, Jin Chengfeng of Lanmo Textiles, Wu Minghua of Meige Carpet Firm, and Bao Qiaoli of Bole Plush Toys won their medals of the “2023 Yiwugo.com Most Excellent Female Bosses” from among more than 700 female competitors. The 20 female bosses nominated for the “2023 Yiwugo.com Most Excellent Female Bosses” and other guests from various industries, as well as Yiwugo.com leaders, attended the event. Breaking from tradition, the event featured a Western-style outdoor party, complete with wonderful band performances and multiple rounds of lucky draws. Yiwugo.com not only prepared novel souvenirs for every guest but also offered high-end prizes such as designer lipsticks, branded massage devices, and smartphones, creating a lively yet warm atmosphere.

The selection process for “2023 Yiwugo.com Most Excellent Female Bosses” spanned a solid month, from March 8 to April 8, 2023, and involved all merchants across the Yiwu Market and entire industrial zones, with nearly 700 participants. The registration and voting was promoted through Yiwugo.com’s WeChat public account, APP, and PC web pages, reaching hundreds of thousands of people and garnering over 350,000 valid votes. The immense impact is evident in its far-reaching scope.

Fu Jiangyan, the first-place winner and an experienced participant,…