20+people rescued in Turkey, Zoomlion is on the way – Zoomlion Heavy Industry (O… – Press Release

CHANGSHA, China, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On February 6, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes occurred in the southeast of Turkey from 4 am local time, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Knowing this, Zoomlion immediately dispatched a rescue team with excavators to Hatay province, where the disaster was serious.

As one of the first Chinese rescue forces to arrive at the scene, the Zoomlion rescue team has been fighting for more than 30 hours. At Turkish local time 3:00 pm on February 8, Zoomlion’s rescue team has helped rescue more than 20 trapped people, and the search and rescue is still in intense progress.

After the earthquakes, according to the company’s instructions, Zoomlion Turkey immediately dispatched a rescue team consisting of professional service engineers and operators, who carried electric blankets, emergency medicines, food, and other materials urgently needed in the disaster area, and shipped together the first five excavators, set off to the disaster area Hatay province overnight. They arrived at the scene at around 12:30 local time on February 7, making them one of the first Chinese rescue forces to arrive at the scene of the disaster area.

After arriving at the scene, five excavators of Zoomlion were assigned to different areas for rescue. Collapsed, broken and cracked buildings could be seen everywhere. At the first rescue, they encountered difficulties, due to the local power failure, some professional crushing tools could not be used, in order to ensure the safety of the trapped people, the rescue workers with hammer, awl, shovel and other tools by human dug out a rescue channel, after more than 3 hours, rescued the first trapped person.

“After our rescue team and excavators arrived at the scene, we immediately participated in the rescue of the trapped people in a 6-story collapsed building. So far, we have helped rescue four trapped people and are actively rescuing two sisters,” said Mr. Yu Ke, a service engineer of Zoomlion who…