23D Launches Rapid Startup Builder and Early-stage Venture Fund – Press Release


23D, a seasoned custom software development and strategic business optimization company, announces the launch of its vertically integrated rapid startup builder and early-stage venture fund, aimed at transforming legacy industries and revolutionizing the startup process.

PHOENIX, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Lorde Astor West, founder of 23D, is revolutionizing the startup world with the launch of a rapid development company and early-stage startup venture fund. West, a seasoned custom software development expert, has combined her knowledge of developing custom solutions for legacy industries with a proprietary full-stack rapid development framework and a library of over 30 building-block apps that eliminate 95% of repetitive code work and rapidly replace legacy software at scale. The result is a vertically integrated rapid startup builder and early-stage venture company that streamlines the startup process from idea to exit.

The main problem that 23D is trying to solve is rapidly replacing legacy software by eliminating the issues that lead to the high failure rate of most startups. According to West, the majority of startups fail because they build products that are not in demand, waste resources on the wrong product and market, and lack the necessary business acumen to pivot. By productizing the startup process, and building products to solve known industry problems with the help of industry insiders and operators, 23D aims to make startup success more predictable and democratize early-stage startup investing.

23D will focus on legacy markets across various service delivery sectors, working with industry experts to build the products that these markets need to digitally transform and run their businesses effectively in the connected global economy. One example of a legacy market that 23D is targeting is the payments industry, which has become highly fragmented, leading to a loss of over $11 trillion in revenue due to payment process failures. Another…