30 of the perfect fried meals all over the world

30 of the best fried foods around the world

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(CNN) — People have never been able to resist the crunchy craving of deep-fried food.

Archaeological evidence shows we’ve been enjoying fried dough and other delights since ancient Mesopotamians invented frying pans, and our love for the practice has only grown in the millennia that followed.

It would take an iron stomach and a lot of time to sample every irresistible fried food around the world or even to try every variation on a theme — funnel cakes versus jalebi, zeppole versus beignets.

So not all fried foods can be mentioned in a single story, but there’s enough fried goodness to get you started at least.

Here are 30 of the best fried foods around the world to get you salivating for your next trip:

Tempura (Japan)