47% of Canadians in an Allstate Survey Drive with Unrestrained Pets – Press Release


MARKHAM, Ontario, July 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As many Canadians begin packing their vehicles for a summer road trip, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada (“Allstate”) is launching a campaign to remind them how to safely travel with their Precious Furry Cargo. In fact, a new survey commissioned by the insurance company points to potential safety issues for all vehicle occupants.

With nearly half (47%) of Canadian respondents claiming to leave their pets unrestrained, 20% say their pets are left to move freely in the backseat and a small percentage (6%) even say they let their furry friends ride on their laps while they drive. Like other passengers, pets can be taken by surprise when the driver suddenly brakes, swerves or performs other emergency manoeuvres, which can put them at risk for serious injury. They can also injure themselves and other passengers in a collision, not to mention becoming a hazard to first responders trying to help those at a crash scene.

Further cause for concern stems from 38% of respondents saying they plan on taking their pets on a road trip of at least an hour this summer. The survey results also show that men (56%), those 18-34 years old (57%), dog parents (60%) and Canadians who plan to go on a road trip with their pet this summer (58%) are more likely to leave their pet unrestrained in a moving vehicle.

“Many Canadians affectionately refer to themselves as pet parents, which is an example of how much they care about the furry members of the family. But what we are seeing in this survey tells a bit of a different story and illustrates how much room for improvement there is to keep all vehicle occupants – both two-and four-legged – safe from possible harm,” says Gene Myles, Agency Manager at Allstate. “Ensuring every person buckles their seatbelt is an incredibly important safety measure in a vehicle, and taking extra precautions for our beloved pets should be an extension of that commitment to safety.”

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