515 Fosun Family Day Sets Off Consumption Boom With Cumulative Sales of Nearly R… – Press Release

HONG KONG, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since the launch of Shanghai’s 4th Double Five Shopping Festival, more than 1,000 promotion activities have been held successively in the month, setting off a consumption boom. As an essential part of the Double Five Shopping Festival, the 515 Fosun Family Day delivered stellar results with nearly 10 billion (RMB, same below) omni-channel sales, boosting consumption.

Collaborate with brands and commercial districts to set off a consumption boom

As a representative enterprise of the private economy rooted in Shanghai, Fosun remains committed to contributing the “Power of Fosun” to Shanghai’s economic development. This year’s 515 Fosun Family Day collaborates with the Double Five Shopping Festival to target “new customer groups”, “new supply” and “new scenes”, stimulating consumption, unleashing consumption potential, and creating new consumption patterns. Up to now, the 515 Fosun Family Day has registered nearly 10 billion omni-channel sales, delivering stellar results.

The 515 Fosun Family Day, which runs from 1 May to 20 June this year, is the largest annual event for Fosun and its affiliated brands to give back to customers. Since the start of the 515 Fosun Family Day, Fosun has partnered with more than 60 brands under its umbrella, and four major commercial districts including Yuyuan Tourist Mart, the Bund Finance Center (BFC), Shanghai Woli City, and Ningbo FOJOY Mall, to distribute more than RMB1.5 billion worth of consumption vouchers on the Internet for the first time, covering tourism, health, catering, fashion, beauty and other living consumption scenarios. At present, nearly 2 million consumption vouchers have been collected by consumers. Songhelou Suzhou-style noodle shop’s popular dishes are in high demand, and more than 600,000 consumption vouchers have been collected. The overall campaign leverages digital intelligence to link online and offline scenes, setting off a consumption boom. The online sales of the…