7.3 Coolant Filtration Kit and Other Heavy Duty Intercooler Kits Now Available to the Public

/EINPresswire.com/Working with heavy duty manufacturers like BD Diesel Performance, MKM customs now offers the highest quality diesel performance parts to consumers at below market prices. These amazing products, like the BD Intercooler Ford 7.3 coolant filtration kit, are designed to provide professional quality design with easy to install kits.

Owners of Ford Super Duty trucks with the Ford Power Stroke diesel engines can now afford to get the most power out of these amazing engines. It is now possible to find high quality intercooler kits at discount prices.

MKM Customs, at mkmcustoms.com, is now offering low cost deals on the 7.3 coolant filtration kit, 6.4 coolant filtration kit, and 6.0 coolant filtration kit built specifically for MKM Customs customers by BD Diesel Performance and Sub Zero.

“To ensure you receive top quality craftsmanship on every kit we manufacture, all of the welding is on location and tested by our own experts,” MKM Customs president, Michael Mitchell, said. “We believe customer satisfaction is the most critical part of our business.”

These kits are not only sold at below MSRP prices, MKM Customs will also price match an online offer for parts that cost more than $100. MKM Customs will beat these prices by $5. All you have to do is fill out a simple online form up to 30 days after you made a purchase.

No matter what year a consumer’s Ford Power Stroke engine was manufactured, there is a coolant filtration kit made specifically for that engine. If a consumer has one of the original Power Stroke engines, noted for having an OHV 2-valve train, that truck owner should learn more about the 7.3 coolant filtration kit.

The 6.0 coolant filtration kit is perfectly crafted to improve the overall power of the Single Variable Vane Geometry turbo configuration of the Power Stroke engines made starting in mid 2003. This model is known for minor intake and exhaust issues, so drivers can feel a real difference with a custom intercooler. With the right filtration kit, these 325 hp engines will perform at the level Power Stroke owners have always wanted.

The 6.4 Power Stroke was designed and put into production under stricter emissions regulations than its predecessors, but has managed to become a very well respected diesel engine. With an average of 350 hp for the standard engine, the addition of a 6.4 coolant filtration kit will brings a level of power that is outstanding.

With this commitment to high quality, MKM Customs has become well recognized for producing amazing aftermarket parts for Ford Chevy/GMC, and Dodge diesel trucks.
“If you have a Powerstroke, Cummins or Duramax diesel engine, we are here to help,” Mitchell said. “If you’re not sure what it is that you need, we can help with that too.”

About MKM Customs:
For more than seven years, MKM Customs has been a leading retailer of diesel performance parts for Ford, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge. By working closely with their parent company, Sinister MFG and Sinister Diesel(R), MKM Customs is a one stop shop for everything their customers need.

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