7MB distributors as a result of get licences in October : Cayman Information Service

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Beach chairs on Seven Mile Beach

(CNS): People who have applied to trade on the Seven Mile Public Beach, one of a dwindling number of places where visitors and residents are still able to access the famous beach, can expect to receive their licences to set up shop officially next month. The minister responsible for public lands, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, told parliament Tuesday that officials were currently processing applications.

Answering a question from Deputy Leader of the Opposition Joey Hew (GTN), she said that the Public Lands Commission had been corresponding with applicants to get all the information needed to issue the licences to finally regularise the growing problem of ad hoc traders.

Vending has been increasingly troublesome on the beach, which is becoming more and more overcrowded, especially on cruise ship days, leading to a chaotic situation. It is hoped that the licensing regime will allow traditional local vendors to supply food and refreshments,…