98.9% of Travelers Intend to Cruise in the Upcoming Year Reports Cruiseline.com … – Press Release

Survey reports strong demand for cruising in 2023 and 2024, with travelers booking multiple cruises with longer sail dates.

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cruiseline.com and Shipmate have released the findings of their 2023 Member Survey. Questions of this survey center on participants’ travel history, intent to cruise within the next year, and cruise booking preferences.

Over 5,000 participants responded to the survey. To better understand the responding audience, the survey asked participants about their history with cruising, including the number of sailings taken, what lines they have sailed, and where they have cruised. 64.4% reported they have been on at least eight or more cruises, 16.3% reported five to seven cruises, and 13.4% have taken two to four cruises. 3.4% had taken at least one cruise, and only 2.5% reported they had never previously cruised. When asked about cruise lines sailed, 62% of survey participants reported they have previously cruised with Carnival Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean, over 40% have sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line, over 35% with Princess Cruises, and 32% have cruised with Celebrity Cruises. Regarding destinations, over 62% of participants had previously cruised in the Caribbean, with other popular previously-cruised destinations including Alaska, Pacific Coast (Mexico), and Europe.

98.9% of all survey respondents reported planning to take a cruise within the next year, 1.1% reported as undecided, and 0.1% said they would not cruise next year. 

Last year in this same survey, 91.4% of participants reported they would cruise within the next year, 2.5% said they would not cruise in the next year, and 6.1% reported undecided. This represents a growth of 7.5% of travelers who say they will cruise in the coming year and a noticeable decrease in participants reporting they will not cruise or are still deciding. 

“The demand for cruising is stronger than ever, with more travelers reporting they intend on booking not…