A British educator finds harmony and balance in China – Press Release

BEIJING, July 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Known to many Chinese as the Magic City, Shanghai, an international metropolis famous for its economy, culture, tourism and swag style, also has an equally important identity: It is the birthplace of the Communist Party of China (CPC).


Largely because of this identity, the city was chosen as the site of the CPC International Image Innovation Forum, which took place there on July 6. Jointly hosted by China International Communications Group (CICG) and the Central Institute of Socialism, the forum gathered around 200 experts from government institutions, universities, media outlets and think tanks, who exchanged ideas about how to help the international community understand the CPC, including its role in advancing China’s modernization.

As one of the keynote speakers invited to the forum, Rose Oliver, a British cultural exchange specialist at Shanghai University, Director of the British Cultural Center at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, a recipient of the 2019 Shanghai Magnolia Gold Award and a Member of the Order of the British Empire, shared her firm belief in the importance of communication and understanding in our ever-changing and, at present, more volatile world. This realization comes from her 30-plus years of working in the fields of education and cultural exchange, both in China and internationally.

As an expert on Chinese culture, she has long been accustomed to observing the world from the perspective of Chinese philosophy: “Like the philosophical concept ‘yin does not depart from yang, and yang does not depart from yin,’ we cannot divest ourselves from the other, we are a union of countries and cultures in one sphere, thus communication and mutual understanding are the glue that binds,” she said at the forum.

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