A New Chapter in Mountaineering Legacy: Fifth Generation of Bissell Family Ventu… – Press Release


The unbroken legacy of conquering Mount Rainier continues as a fresh chapter unfolds, with the fifth generation of Bissell cousins embarking on an inspiring expedition to reach its majestic summit. Scheduled to commence on August 14, this remarkable journey marks the fifth consecutive generation to embrace this challenge, with their triumphant return anticipated on August 15.

ASHFORD, Wash., Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The timeless tradition of conquering the breathtaking heights of Mount Rainier continues as a new generation of Bissell cousins from across the nation prepares for an awe-inspiring expedition to reach the summit. The remarkable journey, marking the fifth successive generation to take on this challenge, is slated to kick off on Monday, August 14, 2023 with their triumphant return anticipated on the afternoon of August 15.

In a remarkable testament to their family’s storied mountaineering heritage, cousins Cedar Boschan, Rebecca Garnett, Bing Martin, and Danielle Smith are steadfastly committed to etching their names alongside their revered ancestors. Fueled by a collective dedication to honoring the magnificence of the Pacific Northwest and embracing the adventurous legacy of their lineage, this brave group of climbers is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Bissell family saga.

The cousins’ determination to embark on this formidable ascent was sparked by their spirited 98-year-old grandfather Dr. Edward Lawrence Hendershot and his daughter, Laura Starr Martin, who themselves stood atop Mount Rainier in 1968.

Retired and residing in Medina, Ohio, Dr. Hendershot implored his grandchildren to issue this news release and humorously adds that he requests they to “try to give me a call from the summit!”

Ms. Martin, retired and residing in Nashville, Indiana states, “I am so proud of my daughter, Cedar Boschan, and my son, Bing Martin, for bringing our family together for this journey. Summiting Mount Rainier was a spiritual experience for me and…