AB INTL GROUP Announces April Updates – Benzinga – Press Release

NEW YORK, May 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AB International Group Corp. ABQQ, an intellectual property (IP) and movie investment and licensing firm, today announced April updates.

Movies Update

AB sells its 2 films’ “On the Way” and “Too Simple” broadcast rights of mainland China in the end of April, AB continues to own internet broadcast rights excluding mainland China. AB acquired 20 episodes of the TV series new sitcom. The Company held 65 movies and 90 episodes of the TV series sitcom at the end of April.

Video Streaming Service Update

As of April 30, 2022, AB provided video streaming service contents website abqq.tv and ABQQ Channel on YouTube hits 4.3 million views, the services marketed and distributed in global under the brand ABQQ.tv. The channel acquired 19k subscribers.

NFT Movie and Music Marketplace Update

AB plans partnership with service provider allow movie ownerto be rolled out their movie NFTs at AB’s NFT MMM, thosemovies will release global market.
Because Movie Sci-fi ‘Amazing Data’ is currently create and production. AB partners with Movie Sci-fi ‘Amazing Data’ project have been delay. The Amazing Data Movie NFT’s drop has no timetable for made available to NFT MMM’s users on the platform.

New York Theaters Update

AB’s first cinema “The Mt. Kisco Theatre” located at 144 Main Street, Mount Kisco, New York. Because the cinema is not finish decorate and repair all facilities, has no timetable for reopening.

About AB International Group Corp.

AB International Group Corp. is an intellectual property (IP) and movie investment and licensing firm, focused on acquisitions and development of various intellectual properties. We are engaged to acquisition and distribution of movies. The Company engages highly anticipated video streaming service targeting global multi-billion dollar and growing video streaming industry. The online service will be marketed and distributed in the world under the brand name ABQQ.tv. ABQQ.tv is expected to generate a new and…