Abid Sher Ali’s viral video: what happened at the Turkish restaurant? – Press Release


LONDON: A Turkish restaurant has clarified that PML-N’s Abid Sher Ali didn’t jump the queue and had pre-booked tables for his family after videos of him getting into a verbal spat with a Pakistani man went viral on social media.

On Tuesday night, three sets of videos started circulating: one showing Abid Sher Ali abusing Shahid Khan, the other showing Shahid Khan abusing Abid Sher Ali, and the third video carrying a statement by Shahid Khan’s son. On Wednesday, Abid Sher Ali also released a video explaining his version of the events.

The first set of videos was sent to the media by Umar Butt who communicated on behalf of the Pakistani man in the restaurant and gave his name as “businessman Shahid Khan from East London”. In the video carrying the statement of Shahid Khan’s son, who was present at the scene and was seen filming the incident, it was claimed that Abid Sher Ali jumped the queue with his family, bypassing other customers.

But the Turkish “Gokyuzu Restaurant” said that Abid Sher Ali didn’t jump the queue and had a confirmed reservation for 20:30 on July 20 for 13 people. Abid Sher Ali also shared the restaurant’s reservation details with the media, showing a confirmation for his booking.

Abid Sher Alis viral video: what happened at the Turkish restaurant?

Umar Butt told the media that Shahid Khan was attacked by Abid Sher Ali while he was passing by his table. He then released a video to the media in which Shahid Khan’s son said that his parents approached Abid Sher Ali and questioned him for breaking the queue to get the table.

The son said: “My mother told Abid Sher Ali this is the UK, not Pakistan, where you can jump queues like the royals. In the UK, everyone is equal. My mother brought up the fact that you are having the meal, courtesy of the money of Pakistani people. Abid Sher Ali and a woman started abusing my mother and father. The waiter eventually separated us and we had to leave the restaurant.”

In his statement, Abid Sher Ali showed the reservation booking and said: “There was a person in the restaurant who used his wife to attack us. The son also used his mother to create a scene by pushing her forward and filming the scene by giving her a placard and then confronting us. She started abusing me and her husband joined her too,” Ali said. 

He continued: “They were from PTI and it’s their tradition to do such things. They wanted the video to go viral but I responded with the same coin. The restaurant management threw them out. I warn PTI people that this was just a trailer. We reserve the right to respond forcefully.”

A spokesman of the PTI said he didn’t recognise Shahid Khan as an active member of the PTI.