Activists name for devoted plastic clean-up

Cayman News Service

Plastic removed from Cayman beaches

(CNS): Volunteers on all three Cayman Islands have collected more than 76,000 pounds of trash, mostly plastic, during 80 beach and mangrove clean-up events over the last five years, and now Plastic Free Cayman is calling on government to start employing people to regularly clean up the beaches. The non-profit group, which also lobbies for a ban on single-use plastics, said the Cayman Islands must try to limit the dangerous microplastics entering the marine environment.

The significant amount of plastic that washes up on Cayman’s beaches and around mangroves, exacerbated by the amount discarded locally, was illustrated by the 1,000lbs of trash removed from the coastline around Safehaven over the last month alone, with 630lbs collected just this weekend.

Volunteers collected trash that had washed ashore from Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, but the activists said it was very clear that local litter is still a major issue…