Activists push FIN clean-up after elevating alarm

Activists push FIN clean-up after raising alarm

FIN developer Michael Ryan posted pics of himself on social media getting in the water and retrieving debris ahead of the DoE inspection

(CNS): The Department of Environment is paying close attention to the situation at the luxury condo development FIN after a catalog of issues surrounding the project. Local activists raised the alarm this past weekend when it appeared that construction materials had been dumped or washed into the ocean from the project site. This comes after recent silt screen failures and a list of other negative impacts on the marine park as work begins on the development’s lagoon feature.

The developers have now hired divers to clean up the construction debris, and one of the partners on the project, Michael Ryan, was spotted this week in the water hauling out the debris that ended up in the sea. But Wendy Johnston from the DoE said the situation regarding the debris was unacceptable.

“The DoE visited the site on Tuesday and noted the…