Actual Madrid 3-1 Liverpool: ‘One other Anfield rescue act appears to be like past Liverpool now’ – Mark Lawrenson

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp

The Champions League is Liverpool’s last hope of silverware this season

In normal circumstances, I’d say Liverpool had a decent chance of turning around any Champions League tie at Anfield from 3-1 down.

Next week’s quarter-final second leg against Real Madrid will be not be played in normal circumstances, though.

When Liverpool turned around a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona in the semi-final in 2019, Anfield was absolutely rocking from before the first whistle. I was there and the fans played a massive part in that result, it simply wouldn’t have happened without them.

This time, the stadium will be completely empty and it has also become a place where Liverpool cannot remember how to win.

It is more than three months and eight games since they beat Tottenham there on 16 December. Jurgen Klopp’s side have lost six of those matches, and scored in only two of them.

So, the kind of swashbuckling performance Liverpool will need to reach the last four is something we have not seen from them…