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12/04/2012 (press release: press-releases) // England, United Kingdom

When dealing with hazardous chemicals, a comprehensive ADR kit and flame retardant clothing are absolute necessities. Any contact with hazardous chemicals carries a level of risk. When accidents occur, this risk intensifies, with the potential to cause extensive damage to property and severe injury or even death to involved personnel. Significant legislation exists to ensure dangerous substances are handled in a way which minimises risk. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines, as well as the potential for litigation if things go wrong. The correct equipment and clothing can go a long way to increasing safety.

Fortuitously, there are a number of companies out there who specialise in the sale of appropriate clothing and equipment to limit the toxic effects of a leak or unintentional contact should such an accident occur. It is possible to purchase comprehensive ADR kits, which includes not only personal safety equipment such as eye protection, a chemical suit and a respirator, but also appropriate items for containing a spill, including a collecting container, disposable shovel and an emergency drain seal. Items may be purchased separately or in one, easy to transport kit which can be kept in a suitable location. Kits vary in size, so can be customised according to the volume of hazardous chemicals being considered. Some providers offer a discount for multiple purchases, making it cost effective to kit out an entire fleet.

Where the workforce is in regular contact with potentially flammable substances, flame retardant clothing is a sensible precaution. These days, such clothing is comfortable, easy to move about in and up to date in design and construction. Using modern technology in the fabric production process, jackets, trousers and overalls are all widely available which comply with the relevant legislation. Suitable clothing may be purchased in a good range of colours, complementing corporate branding. A generous variety of sizes are offered, ensuring that employees can be comfortably and safely protected whilst they are working where a risk from flammable materials has been identified.

ADR Kit and flame retardant clothing are only two of the aids which need to be considered when ensuring that a working environment is as safe as possible. Particular attention needs to be paid to the procurement and fitting of fire extinguishers, appropriate signage and specific equipment required by law when hazardous chemicals are to be transported. Given the potentially serious consequences of failure to have suitable equipment available, it is comforting to know that solutions are on hand which ensure legal compliance and risk reduction without undue expense or inconvenience. Businesses which regularly utilise dangerous substances are keen to embrace the best, most modern solutions out there in the field of employee protection and spill containment.

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