Afghanistan: Civilian casualties hit report excessive amid US withdrawal, UN says

Afghanistan: Civilian casualties hit record high amid US withdrawal, UN says


Some 5,183 casualties were recorded in the first six months of the year — a 47% increase from 2020 — the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) found in a report.

The number of deaths and injuries recorded during May and June alone was 2,392, almost as high as the total for the preceding four months, when 2,791 casualties were recorded.

UNAMA said 2021 would be the deadliest year for Afghan civilians since its records began unless urgent action was taken to tackle violence in the country.

The report added that it was “sickening” that almost half of all casualties had been women and children, who have been killed and injured in record numbers this year. Some 32% of casualties were children, while 14% were women — with a combined total of 687 dead and 1,722 injured.

The UNAMA report noted that for the first time, no casualties were attributed to international military action but rather that fighting had “taken on a distinctly Afghan fighting Afghan character.”