Afghanistan: What’s modified a yr after Taliban return

Kabul protest near Ministry of Education in March 2022

By Shruti Menon
BBC Reality Check

Image source, AFP
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Protests took place in the capital last spring, demanding secondary schools be reopened for girls

One year ago, the Taliban swept into the Afghan capital Kabul, as foreign forces hastily completed their withdrawal.

Speaking for the Taliban at the time, Zabihullah Mujahid made a number of pledges for the new government.

So has the regime lived up to its promises?

‘We are going to allow women to work and study…. women are going to be very active, but within the framework of Islam.’

The previous Taliban regime, in the 1990s, severely curtailed women’s freedom – and since the takeover of power by the Taliban last year, a series of restrictions have been re-imposed on women in Afghanistan.

Regulations on clothing and laws forbidding access to public areas without a male guardian have been enforced.

In March, schools re-opened for a new academic year, but the Taliban reversed an earlier promise and girls are currently not…