Africa to launch Hundred event in bid to ‘swap AK-47s for cricket bats’

Children play cricket in Sierra Leone


African cricket authorities hope to inspire children across the continent, with the launch of its own Hundred competition among its aims

Africa must prevent some of the continent’s children from wielding AK-47 guns and “let them hold a cricket bat” instead, says the chief executive of the Africa Cricket Association (ACA).

Cassim Suliman hopes the launch of the continent’s own Hundred competition next year can help deliver this aim.

The ACA has previously used cricket as a social tool, particularly in Uganda where it helped set up an initiativeexternal-link a decade ago to help children recovering from the brutal 20-year insurgency led by the Lord’s Resistance Army in the north of the country.

“The ACA is not just about cricket development, it’s holistic life skills too,” Suliman told BBC Sport Africa.

“Basically, we teach a kid about accountability, responsibility, dedication, determination, and, above all, leadership.

“We also promote prevention of HIV and AIDS, hunger and…