After 500 per cent spike in a single day, MuskMelon NFT advances its game for yi… – Press Release


Upgrades the gaming portfolio with the latest generation of Automated Burning, NFT Gaming & Metaverse!

MUMBAI, INDIA, Aug 19, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – MuskMelon NFT, a utility token developed on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, transforms its game with the addition of the latest generation technology – Automated Burning, NFT Gaming & Metaverse. These next-level tech upgradations will create a big hit craze in the NFT and gaming universe.

The Web3 space has proved its charm multifaceted and constantly evolving, and the world is embracing it heavily. A lot of focus remains steady on the tech evolution for NFTs. With the advent of Metaverse and its heavy embracement, the gaming industry is witnessing huge demand and response as NFT avatars models and memes lead to higher engagement.

Considering the proliferating demand for NFTs and Gaming, the MuskMelon project’s creator had launched 10 billion Melons, which is the native currency and can be used for buying Non-Fungible Tokens, in-game assets, and even for other purposes. Recently, within the initial trading hours, The Melon tokens went up by 500 per cent, providing enormous profit for investors.

On the upgradation occasion, Neal Mathews, Project Advisor of MuskMelon, said, “We are enormously enthusiastic about our recent technology embracement to the NFT game. We are planning a public sale of 8 billion Melons, which can be used to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and in-game assets or other purposes. The sale will start on Bitmart and XT very soon. MuskMelon has timely upgraded its platform with special emphasis on its community. The highly capacitated version of the game will create a gigantic consumer engagement base, better interaction and will deliver higher returns”.

The MuskMelon team is planning a complete rampage in the hype in these next few weeks. With MuskMelon currently traded heavily on 4 exchanges, XT, Bitmart, Bibox and Digifinex, MuskMelon will release its Automated burning protocol starting Monday,…