Again to highschool: How pupils really feel about returning to class

The nine children interviewed by the BBC

As millions of pupils in England return to school after lockdown, the BBC went to Chantry Academy – a secondary school in Ipswich – to find out how students felt.

‘I had drills going off while I was working’

Twelve-year-old Ania says she is looking forward to the relative ease of face-to-face learning, having dealt with a few challenges at home.

“Being online isn’t the same – if you’ve got questions after the teacher has explained, [your task] you can’t really ask them, whereas at school you can always put your hand up and ask for that extra bit of help.

“At home, there can be very distracting noises going on; I have a little brother so there was laughing and screaming going on downstairs.

“We’re having an extension done, so during classes I had a bunch drills, which made it hard to work.

“It’s much easier when you’re surrounded by your school mates, as well.”

As a Year 7 pupil, she has only experienced one term of Chantry Academy before lockdown.

“I’ve managed to figure out where…