Aged affected person dies as each day COVID circumstances develop

Elderly patient dies as daily COVID cases grow

(CNS): An elderly COVID-19 hospital patient has died, Public Health officials said Friday, bringing the local death toll to 26 people. The death of the patient also comes against the backdrop of rising cases of the virus. Four people with SARS-CoV-2 remain in the hospital, including one vaccinated patient, as the estimated number of active cases grew to 556.

Over the last four days of March an additional 188 people have been officially reported as positive for COVID-19, including 52 new cases yesterday.

While the increasing numbers fall far short of the peak in February, when hundreds of people were testing positive every day and thousands were in isolation, the number of people currently infected has increased by 132 since the low of 424 active cases on 21 March, when the average daily rate fell to just 28.

The upturn is likely due to the Omicron B2.A sub-variant, aka ‘the stealth omicron’ which is the most contagious of all the strains of this coronavirus…