Alkame Holdings Subsidiary Earns Organic Certification for CBD Products – Benzin… – Press Release


LAS VEGAS, March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alkame Holdings, Inc. ALKM, a publicly traded diversified holding company, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary Bell Food & Beverage Inc. has received its first USDA Organic Certification for CBD products. Alkame manufacturing subsidiaries are one of the first private label copackers to achieve this certification, accredited by Oregon Tilth.

Alkame Holdings Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary Bell Food & Beverage Inc. can now enable qualifying brands to receive USDA Organic Certification, another major milestone in capabilities for both product development and manufacturing.

Alkame Holdings and its “CBD Copacker” division are committed to quality, consistency, transparency, compliance, and traceability. The company is known for its ability to manufacture and co-pack various CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum Distillate liquid-based products since 2015. Offerings consist of specialty food and beverage products such as waters, teas, lemonades, coffees, drink mixes, honey, sauces, salsas, as well as emulsified products such as jams, sanitizers and much more.  

“We are very happy to announce this huge accomplishment,” stated Alkame CEO, Robert Eakle. “The development of a CBD Organic Certification program for clients was grueling and time consuming since the certification must be continuous from the seed to the final sale of these products. Oregon Tilth is an extremely well-respected organization for high quality organic products, and their Organic seal provides consumers with confidence and the proper assurance that the efficacy of our products continues to be unmatched. We worked diligently with Oregon Tilth to assist our clients in providing the strictest of compliance and traceability of the organic hemp farming and manufacturing processes involved, along with the certified organic ingredients we sourced for our client’s beverage brands to comply with these rigid requirements. We are very excited for both…