Altimetrik Launches “Digital Business Methodology: Growth Code” — a Book to Acce… – Press Release


New book serves as a step-to-step guide to help businesses engage and create a SSOT as a core asset to drive consistency, speed, and scale, across the enterprise

Altimetrik, a leading pure-play digital business for data quality, product innovation, core data assets and AL/ML has launched its latest book, “Digital Business Methodology: Growth Code.” This comprehensive, step-by-step guide aims to empower businesses in achieving consistent, rapid, and scalable growth without disrupting their current operations. By adopting Altimetrik’s Digital Business Methodology (DBM), the business can adopt a holistic incremental (bite-sized) approach, collaborate, take ownership, and lead engagement to achieve outcomes with greater agility, paving the way for unlimited growth and opportunity.

The book underscores the need for conducting digital business independently, free from the constraints of complex and isolated environments, thereby enabling outcome-driven growth characterized by greater consistency, speed, and scale. Skilled practitioners who understand both business and technology can orchestrate these end-to-end solutions within a client’s environment.

The company’s thought leadership and expertise in this field was demonstrated last year by the release of two digital business books, “Digital Simplified” and “The Digital Leader.” Building on these previous works, this book delves deeper into the obstacles faced by siloed corporate structures, disconnected data sources, and complex technology stacks, all of which impede the adoption of digital business practices and hinder operational efficiencies and growth.

“Many companies realize that digital business is not about technology transformation but business transformation,” says Raj Vattikuti, Executive Chairman and Founder of Altimetrik. “Our latest book explains how business leaders can use the DBM to build a collaborative culture among all stakeholders that allows companies to simplify workflows and become…