American Dental Institute Introduces New Internet Dental Marketing Programs

11/03/2011 // Torrance, CA, USA // jrog // Jon Rogers

Continuing marketing business education is central for doctors, dentists and medical professionals. The internet dental marketing programs can help.

American Dental Institute ( is pleased to offer a new workshop and training program for its members in the dental and medical industries.

The focus of this formed entity is to provide education and training to medical professionals. Learning about how to create an optimum environment and process to help their own workflow is key.

“Ongoing training is key to long term success”, says owner of the dental marketing company, Jon Rogers.

“Knowing what to do and how to implement must be understood or the process falls apart. Experience has shown that business owners and professionals know their craft, but lack the understanding and framework to build out a stronger business.”

In the professional, small business industry a large gap has been made in what is shown as far as continuing education for growing a business, using online and offline principles. This also include efficiency in staffing and hiring processes. Turnover is great in certain regions, and can easily be prevented. Therefore, a comprehensive training program that builds from beginners – all the way to the more seasoned entrepreneur is what is needed. And, there is a lot of credibility established when patients and clients feel better about their visits and the entire process.

From SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing to strategic planning and office sales procedures, there are new ways of learning.

Since Al Gore invented the Internet, there has been much change. The constant changes in the marketplaces have allowed progress to happen very fast, both on a personal and business plane.

However, professional business owners have not been able to keep up with the times. Therefore, both free and paid training programs are being made available during off-hours, to allow dentists, doctors and health-care professionals to get up to date, and learn how to improve their lives and businesses.

Training is completed online, and courses typically last from 4-8 weeks via a bootcamp type model.

American Dental Institute ( helps dentists and entrepreneurial health/medical practitioners create innovative solutions for marketing, business improvement and better dental/patient processes. The focus is heavily centered on continuing education.

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