Anatha Partners with Gane Mobile Carrier to Provide Universal Basic Income Through Free Mobile Service


San Francisco, California, June 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) – Anatha (, an ethos-driven technology company using its native Anatha digital currency and user activity to power a global universal basic income, today announced a partnership with Gane ( With an initial focus on Latin America, Gane is the first freemium mobile service provider for developing countries where users earn free data, voice, and text by interacting with content and using their mobile wallets. Through the partnership, people in developing nations will be able to access Anatha rewards through Anatha’s ‘Crypto for the 100%’ to sustain themselves while also earning credits for free internet and mobile service.

There are approximately 3 billion people on Earth making less than $2 per day. Most of them are excluded from the current financial system. Of that population, approximately 1.7 billion people have no access to banking. Anatha is tackling this crisis by offering digital personhood and a way to verbalize user identity through its simple @Name or Human Readable Address system (HRA). Anatha’s mission is to uplift its network participants by giving identity where it’s desperately needed and returning a real spendable value in the form of Anatha tokens every day. This simple digital personhood creates an easy way to include everyone everywhere in the new digital economy.

Since the mainnet launch in October 2020, Anatha’s economic mechanism, the Anatha Torus, has been accruing value that will be distributed to participants on its one-year anniversary—October 1, 2021. Today, the Anatha Torus distributes approximately $6.10* per day to HRA subscribers. If every individual in the world had access to Anatha’s HRA, nobody, as of today, would have to live under the poverty line (currently at about $2 to $2.50 per day).

Through the partnership with Gane, Anatha will distribute an HRA to every Gane user, giving them access to the Anatha Torus—and hence to new value created on the Anatha network. Anatha’s Human Protocol allows users to create a simple @Name as an address for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, making transactions more approachable and frictionless for anyone. Essentially, by downloading Anatha’s app and participating in Anatha’s network by registering a simple @Name, makes meaningful economic inclusion a reality. 

Gane’s revolutionary new solutions allow for a bypass of the traditional telecom system where people can’t afford mobile service or can’t purchase mobile plans due to a lack of banking. Gane users receive credit from interacting with content, which they can then trade for data, voice, and text using their mobile wallet. Currently, 80% of consumers are on a prepaid plan. These consumers are often unhappy with the high expense and low data caps of these plans, but remain on a prepaid model because they lack the banking foundation for an alternative option. Gane seeks to change this by allowing consumers to obtain as much data as they want at no cost, therefore saving money. 

“With Gane, we are one step closer to solving global poverty, our lifelong mission here at Anatha. Our goal is to provide Anatha’s UBI to 100 million users within the first three to five years through Gane,” said Edward DeLeon, founder and CEO of Anatha. “Due to a lack of proper resource allocation and global economic policies, we lose as many lives per year today as we lose during a major world war. This is a bad design on the part of current economics. People can now join a new economy by simply installing an application.”

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*Subject to change.

About Anatha
Anatha is an ethos-driven technology company founded by former Apple, Adobe, Visa, and JP Morgan talent and dedicated to building ‘Crypto for the 100%’. Anatha builds decentralized economic systems and tools that put human needs first by helping people and organizations deploy their own decentralized economies to meet the needs of their communities. Value generated on the Anatha network, including 50% of the inflation model, is returned regularly to the community through a hard-coded global rewards program, thereby creating a regenerative, bottom-up universal basic income (UBI) for all participants.