Anita Bradfield Has Brain Swelling, Got An Associate Degree, GoFundMe Can Help

02/14/2013 (press release: // Atlanta, GA, USA // Jacqueline Bradfield

Anita Bradfield is a determined single lady, with no car, no savings account, who has found herself in an unusual and difficult situation in life. She is struggling with brain swelling for several years, no health insurance, and in a job economy that makes staying employed longer than a year very difficult. Yes, with brain swelling Anita gets up and goes to work, when work is available. Her attendance at work is as good as her peers, who are healthy. That accomplishment is amazing to pull off, if you live with brain swelling. How do you get up and go to work every day like healthy people when you live with brain swelling? She attributes that to determination, a vegetarian lifestyle, researching ways to care for her body using some holistic methods, with grace and the help from her Divine Creator. This is nothing short of a miracle because she has lived with brain swelling since 2005. A GoFundMe web page has been set up to help Anita.

She is very much alive, has a positive outlook on life, lots of determination, but she is struggling financially with short term employment opportunities for several years now. She has carried this financial burden as a single person. She has carried this physical illness all alone. That is very difficult when you live with brain swelling and most of her job opportunities have been one temporary job after another temporary job. Anita has received glowing letters of recommendation from a few employers describing Anita’s work ethic, her intelligence, and her dependability at work.

Instead of seeing, her life deteriorating without any direction or hope, Anita had enrolled into furthering her education through the University of Phoenix’s online college degree program. Anita had completed 18 months of classes with the University of Phoenix. She had worked full-time at an engineering firm, but got laid-off in the economy downturn. She took temporary work, if employment was available, and lived each day with brain swelling. That means living through horrible pressure headaches sometimes daily.

Anita graduated from the University of Phoenix March of 2009 with an associate degree in accounting and a grade point average of 3.7. That is nothing short of another miracle and a huge accomplishment. An associate degree under these conditions displays the ultimate determination to have a better life for this lady. To have opted to go back to college not because it was easy or convenient, but only seeking to improve her quality of life through this courageous step, just go and get a college degree.

Anita has obtained an associate degree in accounting all on her own with the financial help of student loans to pay for her classes, different temporary jobs for several years, or unemployment benefits between jobs. Anita is still not able to pay her student loan debt. Anita is falling behind and needs to reach out past her own determination and ask help from those, who are healthy with stable jobs, those, who have completed his or her four year degrees or master degrees with good jobs, and any company or organization with the ability to do what Anita cannot do. Anita cannot guarantee herself descent employment that will last long enough to pay her student college loans on time or pay her loans off, pay her rent, and other living expenses. Anita does not know how much longer her strength will hold up with several years of living with brain swelling.

Anita is forced to admit she needs to find people to help. Determination is lovely to display. Finding people to help when you are in need of help and need a miracle is just as important as getting that associate degree while living with brain swelling. Continuing her journey and goal for an improved quality of life for Anita will take many steps, various avenues, and the help from others at times to complete this goal.

Anita was having problems with sexual harassment at work from Managers. So Anita’s determination kicked in again and Anita wrote small books to address this problem of sexual harassment in the workplace from Managers or Supervisors. Anita does not earn any revenues from her self-publishing efforts because it takes money to promote her books, which she does not have. Amazing determination is found in this lady’s courage to improve her quality of life time and time again.

Anita has crowd-funding web pages at GoFundMe. Anita needs $100,000 for mild cancer treatment from the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX. Anita lives in Atlanta, GA. Anita needs another $100,000 to pay her student loan debt, her travel expenses to Houston, TX and back for cancer treatment, and the finances needed to live on during these several months of cancer treatment. The cancer treatment will help save Anita’s life. Raising $200,000 will help save Anita’s life. Holistic cancer treatment has kept Anita alive, but the brain swelling continues and it is getting more difficult to live with.

This article explains Anita’s journey. Anita is still looking for excellent fulltime employment and she cannot afford to tell any would be employers she has brain swelling. That secret Anita has hidden from her employers from 2005 to present. Since background checks are done before obtaining a job and employers will use the Internet to also check on candidates, Anita’s maiden name was used to write this article. Destroying Anita’s ability to work, to live, and survive is not the goal of this very disclosing article. She is living with brain swelling and that destroys a life already, if help is not obtained. Living with brain swelling from 2005 to present is a major accomplishment.

Will you help today? Please go to;

This first donation fund drive web page is trying to raise $200,000 for Anita.

The second donation fund drive web page was designed to raise $10,000.00 for Anita. She put this small page out to see, if she could raise $10,000.00 to meet current rent and bills in Atlanta, GA during unemployment periods. Her student loan payments are getting further and further behind.

Anita needs $200,000 to meet these huge obstacles. Anita is on YouTube to share some of her story in videos with anyone, who will listen. Please go to;

There are a few ways to give; Anita’s YouTube channel has a PayPal link for donations and her two GoFundMe web pages. There is no cut off for donations, so her GoFundMe web pages can receive more than the funding campaign amounts that are displayed on these two pages. Thank you for caring and thank you in advance for going over to to help support this determined lady to live a better quality of life, help pay off her student loan debts, and get the cancer treatment she so desperately needs to live.

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