As one other police officer is convicted of intercourse crimes, confidence crumbles in UK’s largest pressure

As another police officer is convicted of sex crimes, confidence crumbles in UK's largest force



In a distinguished 30-year career with London’s Metropolitan Police, Dal Babu has seen his fair share of shocking behavior.

Yet the handling of a female recruit’s sexual assault allegedly at the hands of her superior disgusted him so much he’s never forgotten the incident.

A detective sergeant had taken a young constable to a call, pulled up into a side area and sexually assaulted her, Babu, a former chief superintendent, claimed. “She was brave to report it. I wanted him sacked but he was protected by other officers and given a warning,” he said.

Babu said the sergeant in question was allowed to serve until his retirement, while the woman decided to leave the force.

The alleged incident happened around a decade ago, Babu said. He resigned in 2013 after being passed over for a promotion.

Yet, despite many public moments of…