Ashleigh Gardner: All-rounder criticises Cricket Australia’s resolution to play on Australia Day

Ashleigh Gardner

Ashleigh Gardner made her T20 international debut in 2017

Ashleigh Gardner has criticised Cricket Australia’s decision to play a T20 match against Pakistan on 26 January, which marks Australia Day.

The all-rounder, who is from the indigenous Muruwari people, said the scheduling “doesn’t sit well” with her or the people she is representing.

Australia Day is controversial because it’s held on a date marking British colonisation.

Gardner said it was a day of “hurt” and “mourning”.

Australia’s national day of celebration marks the date the first British fleet landed in Sydney 235 years ago.

The occasion has drawn criticism in some areas for the hurt it causes to indigenous people.

“As a proud Muruwari woman and reflecting on what Jan 26 means to me and my people, it is a day of hurt and a day of mourning,” Gardner, 25, wrote on social media.

“Unfortunately, this year the Australian women’s cricket team has been scheduled to play a game on the 26th Jan, which certainly doesn’t sit well with…