At the least seven sharks killed in native waters

At least seven sharks killed in local waters

(CNS): The Department of Environment recovered the bodies of six dead sharks from local waters last month and the fins of a nurse shark were found left on the dock at the Lobster Pot. Two of the dead sharks were Caribbean reef sharks found at the Newlands boat dock and had been killed with a knife. The fact that their belly buttons were still visible meant that they were both neonates, born within the past two to three weeks.

In addition to the fins, a dead dusky smooth hound shark was found near the Lobster Pot dock in George Town. The other three dead sharks were found in Cayman Brac in the vicinity of Scott’s Dock, some of which had fins and other parts of the body removed. The DoE said they were unable to tell the species.

It is illegal to kill or harm a shark in Cayman waters, and as a result of these deaths the DoE has ramped up its regular patrols around the shoreline, boat ramps and docks.

“In bringing this information to the public’s attention, we…